Our mission at Sign City® is to redefine the printing and signage industry by providing extraordinary design to our customers and a level of franchisee support that is unmatched in any industry. Sign City® will continually be Better by Design.




Sign City® | Better by design

Love Sign City of Macon, GA? You can own your very own Sign City franchise. Designed for business professionals interested in the growing industry of printing and signage, Sign City helps to start, support, and grow your business. Lean and rapid growth with a high level of interest and in-bound sales make printing one of the most profitable industries on the marketplace today. You’ll learn from professionals with over 30 years of experience and a vast portfolio of work in the printing and signage business as you launch your local business operation. Sign City differentiates itself with a focus on the most cutting-edge technology, a modern take on business operations, and innovative marketing strategies that are a total departure from the industry mold.

Printing and signage is a smart and consistent business that thrives in the Macon area. Our corporate culture must match and enhance that of our clients. We are an organization of professionals with and accountable business services plan. We take a consultative approach to grow clients’ print advertising and manage their brand. You have the opportunity to build your own business while helping other companies build theirs. Build a future for your family, yourself, and your community with the guidance and support of industry professionals who are behind you every step of the way.

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